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Game Surprise (Jelly Jamm)

Game Surprise
Activity Put in Order
Activity Put in Order
This activity checks how good you understood the episode. It's not only the language that helps you understand, the images and everything will also help.

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After watching the entire episode, order these events in the correct chronological order. The events are spread over two pages.


The king tidies up the toy room
The king polishes his car
The boys find the toy box
The boys ask the king for the toys
The king doesn't want the boys to play with the toys
The queen goes away on a trip
The king can't concentrate on tidying up
The room is truly tidy again
The boys make a total mess of the room
The boys find the yo-yo sticker
The boys have an idea to tidy everything up
The king gets extremely angry
The king's pet sees the mess
Total number of items: 2

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