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items: 20
Next to the English village of Wall there is a big wall separating England from the Magical Kingdom of Stormhold. Nobody can ever cross the gap (well,…

With or without you

items: 39
"With or Without You" is widely considered one of U2's most overtly emotional songs and probably their biggest hit. The group U2 (= You too) was one…

I Believe in you

items: 44
A 1980 single by Don Williams. "I Believe in You" would be Don Williams' eleventh number one on the country chart. The single stayed at number…

Guess How Much I Love You (a bed time story)

items: 45
"I love you right up to the moon - and back." First published nearly 15 years ago, the story of Little and Big Nutbrown Hare's efforts…

Love Medley

items: 76
A cool medley of love songs designed for St Valentine's Day. The author says they mixed 27 songs here, but I can only spot 21 different songs, and…

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