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Use of the Article: special cases (en español)

items: 40
Practise some special uses of the English article with this activity. ENGLISH - SPANISH. Mira a ver si eres capaz de expresar estas ideas en inglés usando…

Use of the Article: Special cases

items: 41
Pracise some special cases in the use of the English article. Complete the blanks with the best option available.

General use of the article

items: 66
Complete these sentences with the correct article or with -- (nothing) when no article is possible. IMPORTANT! In sentences where you can correctly put…

English proverbs: meaning

items: 50
Here are situations, see if you can come up with the perfect English proverb for them. Designed to practise the most common 50 English proverbs.

Irregular Plurals

items: 62
This activity is very simple but it will help you get familiar with most of the irregular plurals in English. Easy to get it right, but doing it over…

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Total activities: 508

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