Annoying co-worker (Catherine Tate)

A hilarious fragment from the comedy show Catherine Tate Show.

In case you can't understand, the last line of the video says:

"That's because they're usually talking about you, not to you"

- You've been to China, haven't you?
- No
- I thought you had?
- No, not me
- Could've sworn it was you who went to China
- No, I've never been to China
- Incredible language, Chinese
- Mmmm
- Chipokatchu-o, Chipokatchu-o
- Sounds a bit like that doesn't it?
- Yeah... listen, I really gotta get on with this, so...
- D'you know there are no swear words in the Chinese
- Right
- We were having a conversation about swearing in the workplace at lunch
- Were you?
- Yeah, really good conversation actually
- Sure, look, I'm not being rude or anything, but I really got to finish this
- Guess which swear word people find most offensive?
- Oh
- Go on, guess which swear word people in this office find the most offensive
- I really wouldn't know
- Course you wouldn't, that's what makes guessing such a brilliant game
- Umm
- C'mon
- I don't swear very much
- Doesn't matter, join in the game
- I suppose it depends on the individual
- C'mon, which swear word did everyone in this office collectively find the most offensive?
- I haven't a clue
- Just take a bloody guess, look there's one already
- I'm really no good at this sort of thing
- Just a bit of fun, guess
- Umm
- C'MON!
- Tit wank?
- Tit wank?, TIT WANK?, when have you ever heard anyone in this office say Tit wank?
- I said I didn't know
- Anyway, Tit wank is two swear words not one, so try again
- I think it might be hyphened
- C'MON!
- Willy?
- Willy?, WILLY?, I said the most offensive word in the office, not the playground
- Twat?
- No, c'mon
- Tosser?
- No
- Toss-Pot?
- NO!
- Tossed-Off?
- Phallus?
- What?
- Minge?
- Right, forget it
- Frig
- It's frig, isn't it?
- Giz?
- The most offensive swear word to people in this office is ----
- That word is SOO offensive!
- Yes, it is!
- Are you sure people in this office use that word, I've never heard them?
- That's because they are always talking about you, not to you.


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