BP spills coffee (UCB Comedy)

A parody of the serious situation created when the BP spilled crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

- Don't worry about it, it's a small spill and a very large table.
- Sir, I think we're underestimating just how much coffee was spilled.
- Yeah, that's a lot of coffee.
- Well, we'd better hurry up because it's almost reached my laptop!
- Calm down, calm down. Oh.
- It's also going to destroy all the fish!
- Oh boy. O-kay. Boom! Look at that.
- My god! it's encroaching on my map of Louisiana.
- Ok, ok. Oh, no, the fish. Ok, ok. I'm sorry. Oh, oh, no, the fish…
- Wait, wait, Wait! Wait! I've got a brilliant idea.
- Ok. Jones, you've got to hurry up, I think the public's getting suspicious.
- All set.
- Damn! Didn't work.
- Oh my god, we are really screwed now.
- Look. Garbage will follow into the coffee cups, stopping further spillage.
- Now there's just coffee and garbage.
- Wait, I've got an idea
- Damn, I really thought that would work.
- Well maybe it doesn't work right away. Let's observe it for three hours, and then reassess.

- We just wasted three hours.
- That's everything I've got.
- The gentlemen from, ah, Halliburton are here .
- Send 'em in.
- Gentlemen, we've—OH MY GOD.
- You guys are partly responsible for this. You provided these styrofoam cups, knowing they were .unstable.
- Oh no no no no! Don't put this on us! You know what? Halliburton doesn't have to listen to this! We are out of here.

- Calm down! I've got Kevin Costner on the phone. He'll know what to do for sure.
- How big is the spill?
- Pretty major, Mr. Costner.
- Do you have a golf ball?
- I have a ping pong ball.
- Good. Now throw it at the spill.
- What happened?
- Nothing.
- You guys are f***d.
- Aaah!!

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