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Firefighter Manny (Handy Manny)
Handy Manny and his friends come to Mr. Lopart's rescue when he accidentally sticks himself to a billboard! Activities on the website at:
My Little Queen (Jelly Jamm)
Jelly Jamm is a children's animation series on TV for kids from 4 to 7 years which celebrates music, fun and friendship. Every episode has a…
Colours (Pocoyo)
"Let's go Pocoyo" is an animation series to help little children learn a second language through the learning of basic and simple vocabulary.
Thumbelina (Walt Disney)
The tale opens with a beggar woman giving a peasant's wife a barleycorn in exchange for food. Once planted, a tiny girl, Thumbelina (Tommelise), emerges from…
Doc McStuffins' full episodes (Doc McStuffins)
A collection of full episodes of Doc McStuffins, the little girl who is doctor to broken toys. Two episodes here: 1- Take your doc to work…
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