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Music & Lights (Imagination)
Retro disco funk made gold. If you were young in the 80's you will probably have this song engraved in your genes. The video may be…
Paradise - A Capella Cover  (Mike Tompkins -Coldplay's)
Mike Tompkins has made this a capella/beatbox version of Coldplay's hit Paradise. Cool, isn't it? You can watch the original video by Coldplay here.
My God (Sister Act)
One of the hits from the movie "Sister Act", Christian songs modernised.
Praise You In This Storm (Casting Crowns)
Gospel music is having a come back with lots of new Christian bands, especially in the USA. This is a worship song by rock band "Casting…
Roar (Katy Perry)
Official music video for Katy Perry's "Roar" brought to you in Junglescope.
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