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Heartbeat Song (Kelly Clarkson)
A song about restoring faith in love. A wonderful cover of Kelly Clarkson's song, performing Tiffany Alvord & Tanner Patrick.
Living In A Box (Living In A Box)
Music video by the group "Living In A Box" performing the song "Living In A Box". Living in a Box were a British band from the…
Where the streets have no name (U2)
Each night before the song 'Where The Streets Have No Name', Bono recited a prayer from Eugene Peterson, it went: "What can I give back to…
Clean -cover-  (Jada & Kyson Facer)
A powerful song written and produced jointly by Taylor Swift and Imogen Heap about going through a very difficult relationship and overcoming it.
Royals (Lorde)
This was named the Best Song of 2013 by MTV News. MTV said: "She may never be 'royal,' but Lorde's chart-topping single will forever be enthroned…
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