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The Riddle  (Nick Kershaw)
One of the 80's most famous mysteries, The Riddle: Near a tree by a river there's a hole in the ground. Where an old man of…
Skye Boat Song (Outlander's series) (Raya Yarbrough)
One of Scotland's most beautiful ballads as it appears in the opening theme of the TV series Outlander. The music is composed by Bear McCreary, in…
 Stay (Jackson Browne)
This hit from the 70's is a classic. It appeared on Jackson's album Running on Empty in 1977 and it is in fact a version of…
Top Hits of 2014 in 2.5 Minutes (Us The Duo)
This American duo sings some of the top hits of 2014 in one single medley.
Shake It Off (Taylor Swift)
Taylor Swift abandons her usual country pop kind of music and creates this wild and stunning pop song which became one of the top 2014's hits.
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