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Geil (Bruce & Bongo)
This is a carefree funny dance song composed by British duo Bruce and Bongo, based in Germany.
Before I Go To Sleep (The Mills)
The Mills are a Colombian rock band based in Bogotá. The band's musical style is greatly influenced by britpop. Their first album, Babel, reached #1 at…
Movin' (Group 1 Crew)
Christian hip-hop band released this single in 2008 from their album Ordinary Dreamers. Reviewer Andree Farias was positive about the album, claiming that it "establishes them…
Are You With Me (Lost Frequencies)
In 2012 American country singer Easton Corbin released "Are You With Me?". In 2014, Belgian house DJ and producer Lost Frequencies took the music and chorus…
Waves (Mr Probz)
"Waves" is a song by Dutch recording artist Mr Probz (his real name is Princewell Stehr). It was initially released as a stand-alone digital single on…
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