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Happy (Pharrell Williams)
They told him to imagine what happiness would sound like if it were music, and Pharrell came up with this
A Capella Mashup: Trouble, Trouble, Trouble (Mike Tompkins)
Hey Guys, here's my first Cover for 2013. I wanted to try out an A Capella Mashup of Taylor Swift (I Knew You Were Trouble) &…
What Real Love Means -acoustic (JJ Heller)
This is the acoustic version of the song, recorded on the studios of radio K-LOVE. To see the original video version click here.
Dark Horse (Katy Perry)
Go back 5,000 years to ancient Egypt with Katy Perry and her last hit. Awesome video too.
Saved by a bell (Mike Oldfield)
A hit from the album "Discovery", released in 1984 by Mike Oldfield, featuring Barry Palmer.
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