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GRAMMAR LESSONS + vocabulary, etc. GRAMMAR etc.

Prepositions of place: AT IN ON Level: Medium A global explanation for the different uses of the prepositions of place AT, ON, IN.
First 1000 Words in English Level: Basic A collection of interactive activities with 1000 basic words in English grouped in vocabulary families, with phonetic transcription & translation…
Underground / Subway / Metro / Tube Level: Easy What is the difference between: underground, subway, metro and tube? They all mean the same but used in different contexts.
English Tenses: a summary Level: Basic How to express present, past, future, etc. For beginners who need a simple and clear view of the English tenses.
Expressing opinions Level: Medium How to express opinions in a conversation: agreeing and disagreeing in formal and informal English.
Suggestions: taking decisions together Level: Easy How to make suggestions in English. Also, how to accept or refuse suggestions. With sample conversations.
Good Advice: advice and suggestions Level: Medium How to give good advice in English: language and ideas.
Reported Speech Level: Medium When we want to report what another person said, we usually need to make changes in the original message. Learn all the basics of reported or…
Passive Voice Level: Easy Learn what is the passive voice and how to use it
Passive Voice: special cases Level: Medium Here we will see some advanced uses and forms of the passive voice
Talking about the Future Level: Easy Learn the different ways we can talk about the future in English: will, going to and present tenses
Talking about the Future: other forms Level: Medium Let's see some other ways of talking about the future, including some special situations
Present Perfect vs simple past (BrE) Level: Easy Learn the difference between the present perfect and the simple past with an easy but effective explanation. Also, how to form the present perfect
Present Perfect: uses Level: Medium Learn the 3 uses of the present perfect
Present Perfect Continuous Level: Hard Learn the difference between the simple present perfect and the present perfect continuous
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