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Teachers trying to create their own phonetic transcriptions with their word processor know how incredibly time consuming it can be, so most end up just filling the blanks with a pen. But that won't do if you want to save your documents with the transcription and all. But don't fret anymore, in Multimedia-English we offer the solution to your needs: A complete keyboard to easily and quickly create English phonetic transcriptions just by pressing the buttons. This is what it looks like and this is where you can get it for free:

Transcription Box

You can also find this box at the top menu of our site, by clicking on the last option, the plus sign: +  Then choose "Transcription Box".

Once you create your transcription, simply copy it and then paste it anywhere you need. Also, if you are a webmaster you can link to this Transcription Box from your website and offer this service to your users too. Just copy the link:


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