Phonetics Index

British Vowels BrE Learn the symbols and pronunciation of the vowels in British English
Names of the Vowels BrE What are the names of the vowels in English?
Diphthongs BrE Symbols and pronunciation of the diphthongs and triphthongs in English
Consonants AB Symbols and pronunciation of the consonants in English
Motion Phonics ® BrE Teach vowels in class using motions (methodology for teachers)
Usual Spelling AB English has no rules to write, but there are some strong tendencies that may help you
Usual Pronunciation AB English has no rules to read, but there are some strong tendencies that may help you
Pronouncing vowels AB Usual pronunciation of the 5 vocalic letters: A, E, I, O, U
The Phonetic Chart BrE See and listen to all the vocalic and consonantal phonetic symbols of English
Minimal Pairs BrE Compare pairs of vowels that may be confused
Intonation AB Some important things about intonation you must know
The Schwa AB Important things to know about the most common of the English vowels
Strong vs Weak forms AB Most grammatical words have two (or more) different pronunciations depending on context
Pronunciations of CAN AB The verb CAN is pronounced in different ways and it's important to make the difference
The letter R AB This letter may be silent or may change the pronunciation of the vowels next to it
Pronunciations of T AB Learn about the different pronunciations of the letter T in English
Assimilation AB The 4 most important assimilations in English
Stress AB See the difference between stressed and non-stressed syllables
Beats and Rhythm AB It is very difficult to understand spoken English if you don't understand the way it flows
American English US Phonetics of the American English
Black AmE US Pronunciation typical of the black population of America
Scottish English Scotland Phonetics of the Scottish English
BrE vs AmE AB The most important differences between British and American English
English vs Spanish Spain Una comparación entre el sistema fonético inglés y el español
Proper names AB Proper names in English are really difficult to read. Here's a great database
Fun video AB A comedy fragment about a Frenchman trying to get the correct pronunciation
Transcription BrE The complete transcription of a song to see how sounds change in the speech flow
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