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The Rules of Basketball (Ninh Ly)
A beginner's explanation of the laws of Basketball (NBA Basketball). Watch this short tutorial video guide on how Basketball is played. Learn about fouls, shots, free…
The Rules of Handball (Ninh Ly)
A beginner's explanation of Olympic Handball. Watch this short tutorial video guide on how Team Handball in Europe is played. Learn about goals, seven metre throws,…
Fun Science: The Moon (Charlie McDonnell)
A not-very-in-depth look into why we even have a moon, and the effect that the moon has had on our planet. From the perspective of a…
8-F) Used to (WatchandLearnEnglish)
How and when to use USED TO to talk about past actions that are not true anymore. Watch this video, read the explanations and then watch…
23- Truth or Dare (Extr@)
A cool TV series, a funny sitcom, and an English course, all wrapped in one single package to make Extr@, the perfect way of learning natural…
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