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I'll Stand By You (The Pretenders)
"I'll Stand by You" is a 1994 song recorded by The Pretenders from their sixth studio album, Last of the Independents.
Making a date (podEnglish)
Learn how to speak politely in English using "sorry", "excuse me", and indirect questions. In this beginner English lesson you will hear people making a date…
Islands (Mike Oldfield)
The single was released in 1987, from the album of the same name, and features Bonnie Tyler as vocalist.
Los Angeles news - English listening (Crown Academy of English)
This is an English listening class based on an event in Los Angeles. The listening exercise and the whole video is with a British English accent.
Bilingual Brains are Better (DNews)
Being bilingual can drastically alter your life... and we don't just mean being able to order from a menu when visiting a foreign country! Trace has…
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