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The Crazy Test | Yes or No Questions (We Love Buzz)
If even one question and answer was exactly you. Here is the test. If you'd like to download a copy (PDF): TEST
The Schwa /ə/ (BBC Learning English)
Learn about the most common vowel sound in English: the Schwa /ə/. English pronunciation is easy, right? Well, maybe it isn't always a piece of cake,…
Doctors and Medicine (Learn English Conversation)
Learn the basic vocabulary and expressions you need to know when visiting a doctor or talking about illness. MORE RELATED DOCTOR'S VIDEOS BELOW.
18- Just the Ticket (Extr@)
A cool TV series, a funny sitcom, and an English course, all wrapped in one single package to make Extr@, the perfect way of learning natural…
Action Verbs with Hand Movements (Let's Talk)
Our hands are the most important part of our body. You use them for almost everything. In this English lesson you will learn 10 different verbs…
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