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Don't Worry (Kim Appleby)
A hit from the 80's (almost). "Don't Worry" reached number two on the UK Singles Chart in November 1990 and entered the Top 40 throughout Europe.
Planning a Trip
Learn how to construct superlatives in English like "the biggest" or "the best". In this beginner English lesson you will watch two friends talking about where…
A Boy and His Neighbour (MisterEpicMann)
This is the story of a boy who has lived in fear for too many years, and now he gets up and says ENOUGH! This is…
English Presentation Fear (A.J. Hoge)
Fear is the killer of English presentations. To speak well, to give a great presentation in English, you must overcome your fear. It is fear, not…
Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People But Not Others
About one person in five is especially attractive to the annoying insects. This is how your skin seduces them.
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