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The Riddle  (Nick Kershaw)
One of the 80's most famous mysteries, The Riddle: Near a tree by a river there's a hole in the ground. Where an old man of…
Nursery Rhymes Collection -66m (ChuChu TV)
28 traditional nursery rhymes. 00:08 - Johny Johny Yes Papa 01:47 - Head Shoulders Knees and Toes 03:48 - Rain Rain Go Away 06:19 - Baa…
How to Talk About the Future (RealLife English)
Most English learners strongly associate future with WILL, but here is news, WILL is not the most common way to talk about the future. On this…
An introduction to Britain (This is Britain)
This video gives you a brief insight into British life and culture. It contains subtitles.
Google Translate App 2: Real Time Conversations (CNET)
The new update for Google Translate App (Jan 2014) can now translate voice conversations in two languages in real time, from or to English. The result,…
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