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Inspiration and empowerment
This is a synopsis from the film "The Secret", described as a self-help film, uses a documentary format to present the Law of Attraction. As described…
Music & Lights (Imagination)
Retro disco funk made gold. If you were young in the 80's you will probably have this song engraved in your genes. The video may be…
Choosing A or AN and THE /ə/ or THE /i:/
Definite and Indefinite articles use a different form in front of vowels and of consonants. The rule seems simple but there are important confusions. This video…
6-L) The article (EnglishAnyone)
The basic use of English articles is quite simple. A & an are indefinite articles. The is the definite article. a/an vs the:Use A/AN when you…
English Articles: a/an vs. the (EnglishAnyone)
Understand English articles and learn when to use a, an and the.
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