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6-N) Exclamations in English!!! (Emma) UNIT 6 lesson N

In this lesson, learn how to make exclamations in English using How, What, So and Such.Don't forget to check the other videos below.


What a great student you are! How wonderful! In this video, teacher Emma will teach you about "how" and "what" exclamations such as "How exciting!" "What a cute couple!" Exclamations are very important in conversational English, and will help you to sound more natural in your English. Watch this video to find out more. What a great idea!


normal sentence:
- It's a nice day
- What a beautiful day!

singular: What a big boy!  What a boy! --> WHAT + A + (adjective) + noun
plural: What big boys!    What boys! --> WHAT + (adjective) + noun
singular/plural: How big! --> HOW + adjective

We can also make exclamations without WH-words:

nouns:  What a big boy!  --> That's such a big boy!
adjectives: How big! --> That's so big!



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