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At the supermarket 2 (Automatic English Speaking) PRACTICE 3 - part of lesson F

Vocabulary and phrases to help you buy things at a supermarket.

First you need to see PART 1. After you watch the present video continue to PART 3.


Now we will slow things down. Our friends will speak clearly and slowly.

- Excuse me, where can I find the tomatoes?
- Oh, they're over there
- Oh, thanks. By the way, I also need carrots, green beans, peas and an onion.
- They're all next to the tomatoes.
- Thanks.
- Hello, is there anything I can do for you?
- Yes, I need a carrot, an onion and a tomato.
- Here you are. Anything else?
- Yes I also need a cucumber and a head of lettuce.
- I'll get those.


- So what else do we need?
- We need a kilo of green beans, two kilos of peas, several onions and many chillies.
- I know where we can get the peas, beans and onions but I'm not sure about the chillies.
- That's ok, I'll get the chillies later.
- How many chillies do you need exactly?
- About 20 to 30.
- Wow, that's going to be hot!
- No, I'm not going to use them all.
- Ok.


- What can I get you today?
- I need some milk.
- How much milk do you need?
- I need about two litres.
- Anything else?
- Yes, I also want a half kilo of cheese.
- Ok. Anything elese?
- Yes, I also need a carton of yogurt and a kilo of strawberry ice-cream.
- I'll get those for you.


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