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At the supermarket 3 (Automatic English Speaking) PRACTICE 3 - part of lesson F

Vocabulary and phrases to help you buy things at a supermarket.

Before you watch this PART 3, you should have watched PART 1 and PART 2.

- Hello, Mr. Bradbury. What will it be today?    
-  Hi Neal. Uh, let's see, I need a loaf of French bread and a slice of pizza to go.
- do you need anything else?
- Uhm, my wife wants some roast-beef and some cheese.
- we have many different kinds of cheese. What kind of cheese does she want?
- She likes Swiss cheese.
- fine, how much do you want?
- A lot. She said, get about four kilograms.
- No problem. Does she want anything else?
- A kilo of ++++, a half kilo of potato salad and a third kilo of macaroni salad.
- Wait a minute. I'll get those for you.


- I'm going to the supermarket to get some fruit for our picnic. What should I get?
- Oh, let's see. Get some apples, some oranges, pears and bananas.
- Ok, I'll do that. Anything else?
- Yeah, you might want to get a watermelon or some cantaloupes if they have any.
- Do we need some grapes?
- Yeah, that's an excellent idea. Please, get some grapes. Maybe about a kilo.
- See you soon. Bye.
- Bye.


- Let's make some sea-food soup. Do we have any clams or shrimp?
- Clams or shrimp. No, we don't have any. We used it for sea-food pizza yesterday.
- Oh, that's right. What about lobster or fish? Do we have any?
- How much do you need?
- Well, let's see. I need about one kilo of lobster and two kilos of snapper.
- Oh, we don't have any lobster or snapper.
- Let's have a barbeque instead.
- Nope, we don't have any steaks.
- What about hot dogs?
- Sure, we have lots of hot dogs.
- Oh, good. I love hot dogs.


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