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Chloe's tea party

A cute animation about a child and her teddy toys.

Please, ladies, have a seat.
How’s the family, Napoleon? ... My! Kids grow so fast these days!
No, Mrs Crumpleton, Jame will not be coming. Sometimes he can be such a square.

Was it one lump or two, Mrs Featherbottom?
So glad you could join us. Now tea’ll be much more funner.
No, we do not eat the other guests!
Mrs Featherbottom! Woah!

HAVE A SEAT= sit down

KIDS= children

A SQUARE= (n; adj) A person who is regarded as dull, rigidly conventional, and out of touch with current trends.

LUMP= a lump of sugar is a solid cube of sugar

SO GLAD...= I’m so glad that..., I'm very happy that...

TEA= in this context, TEA is not the drink, but the whole social event (having tea, cakes, conversation, etc. spending time together)

FUNNER= (coll. AmE) more fun (it’s not standard English, but getting more and more common). MORE FUNNER= a double comparative. Don't confuse FUN and FUNNY. "Funny" is "amusing" (that makes you laugh), "Fun" is "entertaining" (that makes you have a good time). We say "this is funny" for the first, and "this is fun" for the second.

GUESTS= people coming to your house for a visit


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