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The Alphabet (Peppa Pig)

Peppa Pig is a British animated television series which is shown in 180 territories.

Here, Peppa teaches us the alphabet.

"A". "A" is for: Apple.

"B". "B" is for: Butterfly.

"C". "C" is for: Car.

"D". "D" is for: Dinosaur. Greensaur. George loves Mr. Dinosaur.

"E". "E" is for: Egg.

"F". "F" is for: Frog. I am a little froggy!. I am a little froggy!.

"G". "G" is for: George.

"H". "H" is for: Horn.

"I". "I" is for: Ice Cream.

"J". "J" is for: Jack-in-the-box.

"K". "K" is for: Kite. Daddy Pig flies the kite very well. Yes, I am a bit of an expert at these things.

"L". "L" is for: Lemonade. Finished!

"M". "M" is for: Muddy Puddles. Peppa loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles. Everyone loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles.

"N". "N" is for: Nurse Suzy. I am nurse Suzy. Open wide and say "ahhh".

"O". "O" is for: Owl.

"P". "P" is for: Parrot. I am a clever parrot. Ahhh!. I am a clever parrot!.

"Q". "Q" is for: Quack.

"R". "R" is for: Rain. It is raining today, so Peppa and George cannot play outside.

"S". "S" is for: Snowman. Mr. Snowman is wearing his hat, and scarf, and gloves.

"T". "T" is for: Teddy. Here's some orange juice for you, Teddy. What do you say?. Thank you very much Peppa!. You are very welcome Teddy.

"U". "U" is for: Umbrella.

"V". "V" is for: Violin. Oh Dear!. I do not think it is meant to sound like that!.

"W". "W" is for: Worm.

"X". "X" is for: Xylophone.

"Y". "Y" is for: Yawn. Peppa, are you sleepy?. No daddy, I am not sleepy at all!.

"Z". "Z" is for: Zebra. Mr. Zebra, the postman, is delivering a parcel to Peppa's house. Parcel for you Mr. Pig!. Thank you Mr. Zebra!. Good bye!.


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