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The family song

Learn a few words about animals and pay attention to the pronunciation of the word "family". The word "chick-a-dee" doesn't exist, it's a funny way of saying "chick", which means "bird".
Instead of Father and Mother we can use more loving words:
Mother --> Mum, Mummy (BrE) / Mom, Mommy (AmE)
Father --> Dad, Daddy
We can also say: Mama and Papa (especially in AmE)

I’m a chick-a-dee and I live in a tree
With my mummy chick-a-dee and my daddy and me
And we’re a family
A family

I’m a manatee, I live in the sea
With papa manatee and baby makes three
And we’re a family
A family

Penguins live in the ice and snow
If this ever hatches we’ll be ready to go
It’s daddy!
We’re a family
A family

Rabbits are we
We live under this tree
And we love our kids
All the hundred and three
‘Cause we’re a family
A family

We’re all people
We live in this house
And so does their cat
And so does their mouse
And we’re a family
And so are we
We’re a family!

Up in a tree
Under the sea
Maybe it’s a dog
Smaller than ants

Almost every creature
You’re ever gonna see
Is gonna be part into a family


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