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10 common expressions in English (Learn English with Valen)

A brief explanation on 10 very common expressions in the English language.


1- 24/7 = all the time (every minute, every day)
2- Get the ball rolling = start something
3- Take it easy = relax
4- Sleep on it = think carefully about it (for more than 1 day)
5- I'm broke = I have no money
6- 7 o'clock sharp = exactly at 7 o'clock (don't be late)
7- I know this like the back of my hand = I know this perfectly well
8- Give me a hand = help me
9- I haven't seen him in ages = I haven't seen him for a very long time
10- I'm sick and tired of X = I really don't like it, I'm really tired of it. (see this expression used in a song: Sick and Tired by Anastacia)


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