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Beginner 3 - Can you help me? (Follow Me)

Follow Me! was a series of television programmes produced by the BBC in the late 1970s to provide a crash course in the English language. It became popular in many overseas countries as a first introduction to English; in 1983, one hundred million people watched the show in China alone. It was, and maybe still is, the most successful English course ever.

(NOTE: Explanations are later given in Portuguese)

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Man: Excuse me. Can you help me?
Woman: No, I’m sorry, I can’t.
Man: Can I help you?
Woman: Yes, please.  

Francis: Hello. Ah, excuse me. Can you help me?
Man: Yes, yes, of course.
Francis: Thank you. 
Man: Can I help you? 
Jane: Oh, yes. Open the door, please. Thank you.  

Diana: Can I help you?
Jane: Oh, yes, please.
Diana: Can you take this?
Jane: Yes, of course.
Diana: Thank you.
Jane: 4 3 2 1. 
Raymond: Just a moment, please.
Jane: After you. 
Diana: No, after you.  

Diana: Can I help you? Can I help you? 
Jane: Yes, please. Yes, please. Can you help me? Can you help me? 
Diana: Yes, I can. Yes I can. Yes of course. Yes, of course. Can you take this? Can you take this?
Jane: No, I’m sorry. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. I can take it now.
Diana: Thank you.  

Boy: Dad, can you help me?
Dad: Yes, I can. 

- Can I help you?
- No, thank you.

Francis: Just a moment. Please, come in. come in. Er, yes? Can I help you?
Jane: Please take it. It’s for you. Look!
Francis: Oh, thank you, Jane, thank you.
Jane: Can I sit here? 
Francis: Yes, of course, please do. Look! Shall I put it here?
Jane: Mm. No, not there. 
Francis: Here? Shall I put it here? No, no please, don’t get up.
Jane: Yes, there. 
Francis: Can I sit here? Can I sit here? 
Jane: Of course, please do. Please do. 
Francis: Please don’t get up. Please don’t get up. Shall we go to the cinema? Shall we go to the cinema?
Jane: No.
Jane: No 
Francis: Shall we stay here? Shall we stay here?
Jane: Mmm, yes, and can I sit here?
Francis: Mmm, yes.  

Man: Here, here, there, there.
Woman: Here?
Man: there  

Arthur: Can I come in?
Man: Arthur. Yes, of course.
Arthur: Can I sit here?
Man: Yes.  

Man: Can I park here: 
Police: No, you can’t. please don’t park here.  

Raymond: Entrance.  
You can park here. You can’t park here. Parking. NO PARKING. NO ENTRY. ENTRANCE. EXIT. LADIES. GENTLEMEN.  

Waiter: Can I help you sir, madam?
Mr. Williams: Yes, Mr. Williams. Mrs. Williams, And Mrs. Williams. 
Waiter: Just a moment, please. Mr. and Mrs.  Williams. Yes, yes, of course, room 8. Can I take your luggage? 
Mr. Williams: Yes, please. Will you take that? No don’t take that, will you take this. please? Will you take this, please? Would you take this, please? Would you take this, please?
Waiter: Would you follow me, please? Would you follow me, please?   

Guide: Would you wait here, please? Would you come this way, please? This way, please. Mr. Bradley. Would you follow me, please?   Man : Would you take this, please?
Clerk: Certainly, sir.
Man: Is that all right?
Clerk: Thank you. Man: Thank you.  

Can I help you? Can you help me? Yes, I can. Yes, of course.


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