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What's the weather like? (Real English) (etc)

Real English- lesson 12: Talking about the weather.

In the second part of the video you'll hear the same scenes but with subtitles.


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In this lesson they talk about the weather, so let’s see the words they use to do it:

The word "like" here is a preposition (comparative), not the verb to like!
To answer this question we use: IT’S + adjective (it’s cold, it’s windy, it’s foggy...)

Temperature (from less to more):
chilly - cold - brisk - cool - warm - hot

CHILLY is very cold
BRISK is pleasantly cold, invigorating, you like it
COOL is similar to "brisk", but not so cold, and it’s a more common word
WARM is a bit hot but nice, you like it

CLOUDY= with clouds in the sky
OVERCAST= the sky is completely covered with dark clouds and there’s not much light

DAMP= humid, with a lot of water in the atmosphere
CRISP= very cold and very dry
WINDY= with a lot of wind
DULL= not too bad but not nice. Maybe cloudy and a little windy or something. Boring weather
BREEZY= with a gentle breeze (light wind), nice
BRIGHT= with a lot of light
SUNNY= without clouds, with the sun shining
MILD= just fine. Not too cold, not too hot, not too windy, not too sunny
RAINY= with rain (we can say "it’s rainy" or we can say "it’s raining")

Other useful words not on this video:

FOGGY= with fog (clouds on the ground)
MISTY= similar to foggy but the fog is very light, so you can see quite well except for distant places
IT’S RAINING= drops of water falling
IT’S HAILING= drops of ice falling
IT’S SNOWING= perfect for a white Christmas
IT’S POURING= it’s raining very very much


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