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More English Singsing videos to learn English
More English Singsing videos

Dialogue - Song - Rap - story - Cartoon story 01_Dialogue : It's cold and windy. - Put on your coat, please. 02_Dialogue : Put on your pants. - Is this mine? 03_Song : It's snowing. - Put on your hat. 04_Rap : It's cold. - Put on your coat. 05_Story :Put on this coat, please. - How nice! 06_Story : Please put on your coat, everyone. - Put on your gloves, too.
Practise the present continuous.
01_Dialogue : Who is she? - She is my friend. 02_Song : Who is he? - He's my teacher. 03_Song : Who's this? - It's my mom. 04_Rap : Is she your mom? - Who is she? 05_Rap : Who's this? -Brother and sister. 06_Story : Who is she? - Is she Clara? 07_Story : Who's this? - This is my dad. 08_Cartoon Story : Who is this? - It's my grandpa. 09_Cartoon Story : Who is this? - This is my friend, Tosy.
01_Dialogue : It's snowing. - Do you like snow? 02_Song : How's the weather? - It's sunny. 03_Song : How's the weather? - It's rainy. 04_Rap : How's the weather? - It's cloudy. 05_Rap : How's the weather outside? - It's windy and snowy. 06_Story : How's the weather? - It's raining. 07_Story : It's raining. - It's not raining. It's snowing.
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