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More English Singsing videos to learn English
More English Singsing videos

01_Dialogue : Where is the cafeteria? - It's next to the flower shop. 02_Dialogue : Where is it? - Excuse me. Where's the science museum? 03_Dialogue : Where's the post office? - Go straight. It's over there. 04_Song : Where is the restaurant? - Go straight and turn right. 05_Rap : Where's the bank? - Go straight and turn right. 06_Story : Where is this doll? - In the museum!
01_Dialogue : Good morning - How are you? 02_Dialogue : Good afternoon, every one - Nice to meet you. 03_Song : Good morning. - Good afternoon. 04_Song : How are you? - I'm fine. Thank you. 05_Rap : Good morning. - Good afternoon. 06_Story : Good morning. - Goodbye. 07_Story : Nice to meet you. - How are you?
01_Dialogue : What day is it today? - It's Wednesday. 02_Song : What day is it today? - It's Monday. 03_Rap : What day is it? - Today is Friday. 04_Story : What day is it? - I had an apple yesterday.
01_Dialogue : Whose bike is this? - Mike, is this your bike? 02_Song : Where is my bag? - Is this your bag? 03_Rap : Is this your umbrella? - My umbrella is yellow. 04_Cartoon Story : Is this your doll? - No, it isn't. 05_Cartoon Story : Is this your bike? -Yes, it is. 06_Cartoon Story : Whose bike is this? - It's mine. 07_Cartoon Story : Whose ball is this? - It's Momo's.
01_Dialogue : What time is it? - Time for bed. 02_Dialogue : What time is it? - We're late. Let's hurry! 03_Song : What time is it now? - What time is it there? 04_Rap : What time is it now? - It's seven o'clock. 05_Rap : It's nine fifty. Time for homework. 06_Story : What time is it? - It's late. 07_Story : What time is it? - It's twelve o'clock. 08_Cartoon Story : What time is it? - It's nine o'clock. 09_Cartoon Story : Wake up! It's late. - What time is it?
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