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Feel the rush (Shaggy)
"Feel the rush" like the tittle.   Official song for the UEFA EURO 2008 tournament. The video was shot both in Jamaica and Austria.
Infinity (Guru Josh Project)
In 1989, Guru Josh released "Infinity". The song achieved widespread success in Europe, especially in Germany, the UK, Portugal and Austria. The song was re-released in…
First day of my life (Melanie C)
A song about someone who tries to find a meaning to his life.
I'm alive (Celine Dion)
This is a great song, but the video is not too nice so I put this one instead. It is very beautiful and the text on…
Harry Potter -bloopers
Filming a movie always has a very big problem: gigling. Harry Potter is a good example of that. Bloopers are silly or embarrassing mistakes.
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