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How many - How many apples? | Song & Story (English Singsing)
01_Dialogue : How many bears? - Two bears. 02_Song : How many apples? - Three apples. 03_Song : How many tigers? - Six tigers. 04_Rap :…
In, On, Under - It is under the table. | Song & Story (English Singsing)
01_Dialogue : Where is my music book? - It's on the chair. 02_Dialogue : It's in your bag. - I don't see it. 03_Song : It’s…
Do you have crayon? - Easy Dialogue (English Singsing)
Do you have crayons? Yes, I do. Great! Thanks. You're welcome. Do you have paper? No, I don't. Green please. I like orange. No, thanks. Do…
Sports - Easy English (English Singsing)
Click on the link below to see each video in this compilation video. The each video, that has sound & mute version, is accompanied by English…
May I take your order? Anything else? (English Singsing)
An easy conversation for a Take-away service with a role-play activity at the end.
20 pages
Total videos: 99

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