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T Pronunciations -advanced- (Rachel's English)
American English Pronunciation: Understand the rules on how to pronounce T in American English. This video is about American English pronunciation but most of it is…
Active and Passive Voice Usage (UBC Science Writing)
In this video, Grammar Squirrel and her friends consider the differences between using the active and passive voice when writing. She learns that using the active…
Useful Telephone Phrases (Let's Talk)
If you're like most English learners, you find it difficult to make phone calls in English. But if you're travelling abroad or working in a foreign…
Present Simple (English Grammar in Use)
Present Simple grammar explanation from Cambridge University Press.
How to Talk About the Future (RealLife English)
Most English learners strongly associate future with WILL, but here is news, WILL is not the most common way to talk about the future. On this…
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