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Parts of the body (Woodward English)
The names of parts of the body in English with the pronunciation of each one. We show where each body part is on a picture. The…
Vocabulary for Exercising at the Gym (Adam)
This lesson is about getting you in shape. What does that mean? It means going to the gym and exercising, and all the vocabulary you need…
Vegetables in English - BrE and AmE versions (Woodward English)
The names of vegetables in English accompanied by a photo of each one. We give the American English name of each vegetable as well as the…
Restaurant food - Listening exercise (Crown Academy of English)
Here is an English listening exercise based on a uk news report. The video starts with some new English vocabulary that will help you with the…
Danger! - Listening exercise (Crown Academy of English)
Here is an listening exercise based on the subject of a dangerous situation. The English lesson starts with some new vocabulary and then I give you…
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