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Living habits - listening comprehension  (Crown Academy of English)
An English listening comprehension lesson which will help improve your listening skills. The video starts with some vocabulary which will be needed during the lesson.
Things To Avoid When Learning a Foreign Language (DNews)
When learning a second language, don't think about home; don't even think about your friends or family. Trace explains why. if you are  teacher, the ideas…
The English Silent Period (A.J. Hoge)
The silent period is a period of months when children only listen to English and do not force speaking. This is a powerful secret of learning…
UK vs USA words (rocketmailsara)
Here you have some basic words that change from British to American English. A fun informal lesson. Do the interactive activity to learn all the equivalences.
Bad weather - listening exercise (Crown Academy of English)
This is an English listening exercise on the subject of bad weather. This lesson which is based on some news from England is designed to help…
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