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Ricky Martin's funniest interview
Puerto Rican singer Enrique Marín, better known as Ricky Martin, is interviewed at the TV programme called "Rosie O'Donell Show". She covers her eyes up and has to guess who the surprise guest for the show is. The sound quality is so poor I had problems to understand some words, so excuse my xxxx. (leave a comment if you do understand them) He's bilingual, so his English is almost as good as his Spanish, but in this video his accent is more like Micky Mouse. You can also watch the video of his song She Bangs.
Thank a Teacher
Great teachers shape who we are today.
Children's history: Christopher Columbus (xoaxdotnet)
A brief history of how and why Columbus discovered America.
How Hollywood says
How many ways can you express a love story? M. Belinkie cut up and mashed together a whole slew of love scenes (95 clips) from famous Hollywood films to create the ultimate 'I Love You' message.
Inevitable (Brad Pitt)
What's the mistery? Are you going somewhere? Where? Do you feel lucky? Why? Chanel Nº 5
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