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Fun Science: The Moon (Charlie McDonnell)
A not-very-in-depth look into why we even have a moon, and the effect that the moon has had on our planet. From the perspective of a science fan... rather than a proper scientist.
Fun Science: Light (Charlie McDonnell)
Some interesting information about light (and also about sound). Watch the video and then go to the Activity tab to do some comprehension questions and see if you could understand the essencial information and also if you have a good memory to remember it ;)
A European Road Trip (Charlie McDonnell)
Basically I went travelling around Europe for a week and a half and, like any good road trip should, it opened my mind a little. Clichés abound. Also YOLO. Full disclosure: Yes, Contiki sent me on this trip for free. No, they didn't pay me, and no, they didn't even ask me to say nice things about them (which should hopefully be clear from the fact that I didn't always say nice things about them, although generally I do think they're great). Charlie McDonell
The Tea Chronicles  (Charlie McDonnell)
Charlie's first movie production is a trailer. A horror story about the scary man who brought some tea. You can watch the full film here. And here the video about Making the Tea Chronicles.   See more videos by Charlie here: OUR CHARLIE SELECTION  
Dear future Charlie (Charlie Mcdonnell)
Charlie is sending a video to his 30yo self in the future! What kind of things will he tell himself?   See more videos by Charlie here: OUR CHARLIE SELECTION
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