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MasterChef final (parody)
A parody of the British reality show Masterchef, where a group of contestants are trained to be master chefs.
How To Flirt With Men (Videojug)
Here is a computer programme testing girls on how good they are at flirting with men. If you are a man, you will be especially interested in the other way round, watch How to flirt with women.
Young man overcomes speech disability when singing - American Idol
Lazaro Arbos has lived with a speech impediment almost his whole life. He has been bullied and alienated by his peers because of it. But thanks to God, he has a special gift and when he starts singing, a miracle happens. Look at his participation in the talent-search programme American Idol.
Round thing of fortune
Heidy the hyena will have a go at the TV contest Round Thing of Fortune. Hyenas are famous for laughing all the time (or do they?). Let's see how good she is at spelling and pronouncing.
Miss South Carolina (uhm... what did she just say?)
Miss South Carolina is asked a question to see how intelligent she is... and we find out. Oh, you don't understand her answer? Relax, no one on earth can.
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