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Frozen Grand Central
Over 200 people freeze in place on cue in Grand Central Station in New York. See other people's reaction to this weird phenomenon.
God is Good - Vancouver Flash Mob (Israel Houghton)
An impressive lively flashmob based on the worship song "God is Good", in the streets of Vancouver. Performed by the Christian Korean community.
Push to add drama
On a square where nothing really happens, we placed a buttom...  
Lead us to truth -flash mob- (GI)
One of the oldest Christian countries praying in a most modern way: a public flash mob burst out in Tibilisi, Georgia, right in the middle of the surprised passersby. Cool dance too. You can see the official video for the soundtrack of this flash mob: Lead Us To Truth.   *A flash mob is a performance organized by surprise in a public place, with lots of participants who, at first, look like part of the crowd and then, usually gradually, incorporate to the performance.
Most magical wedding proposal ever
Where better to perform the most magical wedding proposal than the most magical place on earth!
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