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Teens Talk About Family (KidsHealth Videos)
In this video, teens talk about living with parents and siblings -- the things they argue about and how they get along.
Ricky Martin's funniest interview
Puerto Rican singer Enrique Marín, better known as Ricky Martin, is interviewed at the TV programme called "Rosie O'Donell Show". She covers her eyes up and has to guess who the surprise guest for the show is. The sound quality is so poor I had problems to understand some words, so excuse my xxxx. (leave a comment if you do understand them) He's bilingual, so his English is almost as good as his Spanish, but in this video his accent is more like Micky Mouse. You can also watch the video of his song She Bangs.
Comfortable: 50 People 1 Question (JubileeProject)
These days it is so easy to feel insecure about our appearance. Whether it is because of the mean comment that comes our way or the photoshopped image we see in magazines, it can be so easy to feel self conscious about our body. When was the last time you felt comfortable in your own skin? We are so excited to share with you our newest 50 people 1 question short - Comfortable. We hope that this video will inspire you to be more comfortable and confident in yourself. Beauty is not about what you don't have, but about being comfortable in your own skin.
World's Toughest Job
Mullen, an advertising agency in Boston, made ​​a false job of 'Director of Operations' on the Internet and newspapers. This was seen by 2.7 million people, but 24 people responded to the ad. Everyone sat in a virtual interview and were surprised that they required of them: there are no holidays and zero money.Nevertheless, millions of people have done it every day for years. When interviewed discover who have made the 'hardest job in the world', some could not contain and shed tears.
100 Year Old Best Friends
So funny. Watch these two 100 year old best friends on TV giving their opinion about some modern issues in pop culture.
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