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Junior and his new farm (Junior, the bilingual boy)
Junior is a 4-year-old Spanish boy who learns English at home, and you can see how good he's got. He never had any contact with native speakers... except for the TV cartoons. His accent started as British, then changed to American these last few months (under the influence of American cartoons), but now that he's got fond of English and Australian cartoons he's switching back to a British accent again (which is the accent we always use with him anyway, apart from his native Spanish). You can see his evolution since he was 14 months old and could understand but still was unable to talk, till now: Junior, the bilingual boy  
Junior gets a present (Junior, the bilingual boy)
This is my nephew, Junior, thrilled about getting a new present. He was about to be 3 years old and his English was just as good as his Spanish. A few months after this video his English improved a lot to make him even more proficient in English than in Spanish (supposedly his mother tongue) and... he changed his accent to American English! though not just yet here (and then they say TV is not such a strong influence on kids) You can watch more videos by Junior here: Junior, the bilingual boy
Junior 3: switching (Spanish-English) (Junior, the bilingual boy)
An up-close look into the life of Junior on his 3rd birthday, switching from English to Spanish. As you may have seen in the previous videos from this series, Junior is a Spanish boy, from Spanish parents, living in Spain. His father and me speak English to him and everybody else Spanish. We also get some help (a lot) from the TV cartoons (always in English), and this is the result, a perfect bilingual boy, for a 3 year old boy.Kids don't need to be taught English, they just need to interact in English and they'll pick up the language just as life unfolds before them. A good lesson for kindergarten teachers and also primary school teachers and the like.e You can enable or disable the subtitles by clickin on the icon at the bottom of the video. You can watch more videos by Junior here: Junior, the bilingual boy
Junior is 2 years old (Junior, the bilingual boy)
Do you remember Junior? We saw him on this site when he was about 1 year old here: Junior, the bilingual baby. Both his parents are Spanish and he lives in Spain, and only his father and I speak English with him so... do you think he can really be bilingual? Now he's more than 2 years old, he has made big progress both in English and in Spanish... and he is as cute as ever. See for yourself. You can turn on/off the video English or Spanish subtitles by clicking on the /cc/ symbol that appears on the bottom bar of the video when it starts playing. Sorry about the lousy camera shooting, but you can easily understand that taking care of a baby and filming him at the same time is quite a hard job :) On the abovementioned page you can also find a lot of words and expressions used in kiddy English (special English used with babies and little kids): Junior, the bilingual baby. You can watch more videos by Junior here: Junior, the bilingual boy
Junior is 1 year old (Junior, the bilingual boy)
Junior is a 14 month old Spanish boy and he already understands English quite well. His parents are both Spanish, but his father speaks to him in English all the time. See? kids don't need to study, they just need to listen (and adults can learn a lot just by listening too). He's the son of my friend. Isn't he cute? (the baby, I mean) (you can also watch the video with English subtitles if you click on the red symbol at the bottom bar) You can watch more videos by Junior here: Junior, the bilingual boy
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