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Introduce Yourself in English (EnglishClass101)
Innovative English takes everything you love about our audio podcasts and puts it in video form. Along the way, we evaluated each section from every angle to make sure it's truly the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn a language!In this lesson you'll learn how to introduce yourself in English with the help of Gustavo and Henry.
Planning a Trip (podEnglish)
Learn how to construct superlatives in English like "the biggest" or "the best". In this beginner English lesson you will watch two friends talking about where to go on a beach vacation. They describe which types of beaches they like best. You will learn the English grammar to make superlatives using the "-est" ending on short adjectives and "the most" for longer adjectives.
Breaking up a relationship (Twominute English)
Relationships are beautiful if they are good. Some relationships last forever, and that's the kind of relationship that everyone would like to have, but sometimes two people are just not compatible, and then it's time to move on.Breaking up is hard. It's tough to find those words and say them to the person you are with. We can help a bit. In this lesson we will show you some conversations about break-ups. Listen carefully, master the vocabulary and learn the phrases.
Laws and courts (podEnglish)
Learn how to talk about legal matters and court cases in English. In this advanced English lesson you will see a new client talking to her lawyer. She is describing an accident and her lawyer is explaining legal procedure.
Asking the way: English to American translator (The Chaser)
England and America are two countries separated by a common language. George Bernard Shaw. TV parody. Giving directions.
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