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Carol of the Bells (Libera)
If angels sang... they would sing like this. Libera is a non-profit all-boy English vocal group directed by Robert Prizeman. Most members come from the parish choir of St. Philip's, Norbury, in South London. "Carol of the Bells" is a popular Christmas carol, composed by Mykola Leontovych with lyrics by Peter J. Wilhousky. The song is based on a folk chant known in Ukrainian as "Shchedryk".
Carol of the bells (Pentatonix)
Vocal sensations... "Carol of the Bells" is a popular Christmas carol, composed by Mykola Leontovych with lyrics by Peter J. Wilhousky. The song is based on a folk song known in Ukrainian as "Shchedryk".The original Ukrainian text tells the tale of a swallow flying into a household to proclaim the plentiful and bountiful year that the family will have. The title is derived from the Ukrainian word for "bountiful".It was first performed in the Ukraine on the night of January 13, 1916, on the Julian calendar this is considered New Year's Eve.  Pentatonix is named after the pentatonic scale, a musical scale or mode with five notes per octave. The group believed that the scale's five notes matched their membership. They replaced the last letter with an 'x' to make it more appealing.
Jerusalem (poem by William Blake)
A beautiful poem written by William Blake in 1804 with music written by Sir Hubert Parry in 1916. It is today a hymn for England and it got very famous outside the UK when it became the theme song for the film "Chariots of Fire", performed by Vangelis, the title of which comes from a phrase in this poem: "Bring me my chariot of fire". Don't forget to read the Song Meaning to understand what Blake is really talking about. This video was made to commemorate St George's Day (23rd April), the patron saint of England, and in many churches all over the country this very song is sung. On this video we can see the English flag, which is simply the cross of Saint George: a red cross on a white field. The other flag that everybody knows, blue, red and white, is not the flag of England, but the British flag (also called the Union Jack). Besides taking part in the movie "Chariots of Fire", there are many other movies which use this song, including Monty Python's Fying Circus,  Four Weddings and a Funeral, How to Get Ahead in Advertising,The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, Calendar Girls, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Goodnight Mr. Tom, Peep Show, Women in Love, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Circle and Shameless.
Orinoco flow (Libera)
Ever heard a choir of angels? Here they are. If you want to listen to the original song as sang by Enya you can click here: Sail Away.
Christmas surprise: Hallelujah (Handel)
These people are just living their ordinary lives when a miracle happens: one of the most beautiful hymns in the world, Handel's Hallelujah, breakes out of nowhere and fills all the air around them. Sure an unforgettable experience. (notice how many people also join in the singing together with the professionals and some even shed a tear or two) This song is the chorus of Handel's most famous work, the Messiah. "Messiah" is an English-language oratorio* composed by George Frideric Handel. It is one of the most popular works in the Western choral music and has become a entrepiece of the Christmas season. The song was composed in London during the summer of 1741 and premiered in Dublin, Ireland on 13 April 1742. Handel was born German but then lived in London and naturalized British. *An oratorio is a large musical composition including an orchestra, a choir, and soloists. Like an opera, an oratorio includes the use of a choir, soloists, an ensemble, various distinguishable characters, and arias. However, opera is musical theatre, while oratorio is strictly a concert piece.
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