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Movin' (Group 1 Crew)
Christian hip-hop band released this single in 2008 from their album Ordinary Dreamers. Reviewer Andree Farias was positive about the album, claiming that it "establishes them as power players in Christian urban pop". The members of this band are all Latino: Manwell Reyes, Blanca Reyes (no relation to Manwell) and Pablo. Manwell explained, "Group 1 Crew is founded on the principle of individuality and a universal calling. We are a group of individuals (or 1′s) who maintain unity cause of our vision of 1 dream in 1 God with 1 purpose". You can watch a better quality version clicking here.  
If You Could See Me Now (The Script)
"If You Could See Me Now" is a song by Irish pop rock band The Script. The song was released on 4 March 2013. The track was written by Danny O'Donoghue, Mark Sheehan, Steve Kipner and Andrew Frampton. The song is an emotional tribute to O'Donoghue's late father – and to guitarist Mark Sheehan’s parents.
Stereo Hearts (Gym Class Heroes)
Featuring Adam Levine, lead singer of band Maroon 5. Released 14 June, 2011.
Get Off The Phone (Rhett & Link)
For an intensely ironic experience, watch this on your phone :)
Love (Jaeson Ma)
Love is not what Hollywood makes people believe. Love is not so nice and easy. Love is so much better. Best known for his work as a Christian rap musician, actor, and pastor, Ma has also been noted as a blogger and as a minister. In September 2009, Ma's hit single, "Love" (featuring Bruno Mars) was released. In the first two weeks of the music video's release, it received 60,000 hits on YouTube and was #10 on Amazon's mp3 sales. Jaeson Ma was born on November 11, 1980 in Lubbock, Texas. He was the youngest of three children. He had a difficult childhood in San Jose, California, and was involved in stealing and selling drugs. When the police showed up to Ma's house one day with a warrant for his arrest, Ma decided to "[get] his heart right with God" and "came clean of all his wrongdoing". Following his conversion, Ma served as a minister, church planter, and writer before becoming a Christian entertainer. Ma went on to earn degrees in Bible theology, business management, and youth ministry. He has ministered on various college campuses including San Jose State University and UCLA.
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