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Saved by a bell (Mike Oldfield)
A hit from the album "Discovery", released in 1984 by Mike Oldfield, featuring Barry Palmer.
Storms in Africa (Enya)
Here is Enya with her usual silky voice, soothing and relaxing as ever. Every word, every sentence, is the result of superimposing dozens of vocals to form this peculiar soft voice as if come from heaven on the wings of a gentle breeze.
Caribbean blue (Enya)
Enya was born in the northwest of Ireland, the most magical part of the island, where old traditions and Celtic culture are best preserved and people still believe in magic. That will help explain why Enya's songs are usually so dreamy and magical, a mixture of angels and fairies.
Mother (ERA)
ERA (Enminential Rythmn of the Ancestors) is a New Age music project by French composer Eric Lévi. They use lyrics which although similar to Greek or Latin are in fact deliberately devoid of any exact meaning. It is reminiscent of New Age music projects such as “Enigma”, “Gregorian”, and “Deep Forest”. ERA lyrics are written in Pseudo-Latin, as well as in English. Some of them are based on beliefs of the 13th century French Christian sect, the Cathars. ERA's live shows and music videos often feature artists dressed in medieval or traditional clothes and armour.“Era” is the name of the first album (1998), wich includes “Mother”. Language=Pseudo Latin, English. Official video of the group ERA a little strange. Developed on a Greek island, wich combines the constant quest, faith, dance, daughter-girl and mother (mother’s spirit). The youtube videos unofficial focus point of the lyrics: 1-Images of mothers with their babies and children (most). 2-Mother Earth, with beautiful landscapes. 3-Life and Passion of Christ, highlighting Mary as mother of Jesus.
Spiderdust (Bel Canto)
The atmospheric, melancholy, somewhat medieval soundscapes of Bel Canto (Italian for "beautiful song") mix an essentially synth-based, chamber-rock sound with a wide range of orchestral and folk instruments. This Norwegian band consists of ethereal vocalist Anneli Marian Drecker, plus Nils Johansen and Geir Jenssen. The group claims to draw its inspiration from powerful energy fields, including those of the female and the earth's gravitational pull; additionally, their compositions sometimes draw on world music and the ambient experiments of Brian Eno. This track is from their album "Shimmering, Warm and Bright", recorded in 1992.
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