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One day [life vest inside] (Matisyahu)
It's not that difficult if only we try. We're all connected, what you do will have an effect on others too and the chain will go on and on... and eventually will take you back. Do you want to have an impact too? well, then be nice to others and join our Smile Campaign. Download your Campaign Kit here and start your own chain of goodness. Merry Christmas.
I'm yours (Jason Mraz)
Listen to this song. Even if you don't understand, you can feel it's fresh, happy, relaxing and full of life. Yeah, you're right, it's about falling in love. More than that, it's about being head over heels over someone (completely crazy about them). Sing to the karaoke version here.
Pass the dutchie (Musical Youth)
Reggae from the 80's. Some of the sentences are in Patois, which is a Creole language spoken in Jamaica (English with a heavy African influence and some Spanish too). Another example of Jamaican Patois (at least heavily influenced by it) is the song Informer, reggae sang by a white Canadian musician.
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