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Grow old with you (pix) (Adam Sandler)
This is a literal pic video of the song from the romantic comedy "Wedding Singer". You can watch the original scene from the movie and read the explanations on the lyrics here: Grow Old with You.
So happy together -cartoons (The Turtles)
An interesting video of this beautiful oldie (old music hit) by the American group The Turtles, expressing the literal meaning of the every line using pictures, with subtitles. You can also watch a live performance by The Turtles (original version): So Happy Together.
Take on me (literal)
These people are using A-Ha's music video "Take on Me" but they changed the lyrics of the song. Now the song is not about a troubled relationship, but about describing literally what's happening on the video. Before watching this video you should watch the original song here: Take on Me.
I'm blue (Eiffel 65)
A video of the song "Blue (Da Ba Dee)", expressing the literal meaning of the every line using pictures. You can also watch the original video of the song here: Blue (Da Ba Dee)
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