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Ulysses 31 opening (Ulysses 31)
This is the opening of the old cartoon series Ulysses 31, a fascinating trip around the unknown universe where a futuristic ancient Greek heroe Ulysses will meet all sorts of mythological gods and creatures in his effort to find his way back home to Ithaca. You can read about Ulysses true story down in the explanations box. Listen to the full theme song: Ulysses 31. Watch the first episode of this series here: Ulysses 31: Vengeance of the Gods.
Greek Mythology: The myth of Creation
This is the beginning of the world according to Greek mythology. A very good video to learn the pronunciation of the most important Greek gods.
The Olympians: Greek gods and godesses
Learn the basics about ancient Greek gods with a video subtitled to several languages.
Ancient Egypt: myth of Creation
The story of the Egyptian creation - Osiris, Isis and Set.
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