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This Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity (I'll Stand by You) (Carrie Underwood)
It's easy to get caught up in all the darkness and despair in the world we live in, and in doing so, we often fail to see all the beauty that surrounds us in this life. Today's video is a heartwarming reminder that the love we show each other prevails-- it will make your heart happy! (and maybe cry a little) This heartwarming video will restore your faith in humanity. To the music of "I'll stand by you" (watch the music video here).
Say Something (A Great Big World)
"You're the one that I love... and I'm saying goodbye" Featuring Christina Aguilera. A song can mean so much. It can serve as the soundtrack to a time in your life. It can uplift your spirits. It can ultimately change the world. However, the best songwriters don't set out with such lofty goals. In fact, they simply write what comes from the heart. Composed by Ian Axel, Chad Vaccarino and Mike Campbell, "Say Something" is an indie pop piano ballad which talks about a breakup. The ballad came to the attention of Christina Aguilera and she asked to be included on a revised version for the duo's debut album, The song was critically praised for its powerful lyrics, the emotional composition and Aguilera's vocal delivery. Discover what happened behind the scenes here.
November Is All I Know (Sweet November)
romantic scene from the movie Sweet November.
More (Matthew West)
This song is about how much God loves you. The person speaking in the song is God. The images on the video will guide you a little through the lyrics.
You Want to Marry Me? (Love Story)
A scene from the film Love Story, the protagonists have a dialogue about their future lives
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