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September (Earth, Wind and Fire)
A very popular song from the 1970s.
Angie (The Rolling Stones)
"Angie" is a song by the rock band The Rolling Stones, featured on their 1973 album Goats Head Soup. Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and recorded in November and December 1972, "Angie" is an acoustic-guitar-driven ballad which tells of the end of a romance.   The Rolling Stones performing 'Angie' at Madison Square Gardens, New York City, January 2003, on the Licks Tour... , 31 years later!    
Let It Be -singalong- (The Beatles)
Sing along to this classic released in 1970, written and sung by Paul McCartney.
Psycho Killer - acoustic (Talking Heads)
British-American post-punk from 1975. The lyrics were inspired by the character Norman Bates in the movie Psycho (by Alfred Hitchcock, see trailer). It was Talking Heads' first album. Byrne (composer and singer) never thought this would be a hit. He considered it a "silly song" at the time, and was surprised when it took off. This is the acoustic version. The original version is here: Psycho Killer. A more modern version by the band These Animals here. A foolish spoof version was made in 1980 called Psycho Chicken, by The Fools.
Stay -lyrics video (Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs)
"Stay" is a doo-wop song recorded by Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs.  In 1960, the song was put on a demo by Williams and his band, the Zodiacs, but it attracted no interest until a ten-year-old heard it and impressed the band members with her positive reaction to the tune. The band's producers took it along with some other demos to New York City and played them for all the major record producers that they could access. Finally, Al Silver of Herald Records became interested, but insisted that the song be re-recorded as the demo's recording levels were too low. They also said that one line, "Let's have another smoke" would have to be removed in order for the song to be played on commercial radio. After the group recorded the tune again, it was released by Herald Records and was picked up by CKLW. It entered the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 on October 9, 1960 and reached the number one spot on November 21, 1960. It was dislodged a week later by Elvis Presley's "Are You Lonesome Tonight?".The original recording of "Stay" remains the shortest single ever to reach the top of the American record charts, at 1 minute 50 seconds in length. By 1990, it had sold more than 8 million copies. It received a new lease of popularity after being featured on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. The song was named as the Greatest Really Short Rock Song of all time by Digital Dream Door.
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