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The Schwa /ə/ (BBC Learning English)
Learn about the most common vowel sound in English: the Schwa /ə/. English pronunciation is easy, right? Well, maybe it isn't always a piece of cake,…
Action Verbs with Hand Movements (Let's Talk)
Our hands are the most important part of our body. You use them for almost everything. In this English lesson you will learn 10 different verbs…
Crime (podEnglish)
Learn to ask and answer yes/no questions in the past tense in English using "did" and "didn't". In this beginner English lesson you will see a…
Spiderman -movie segment (Learn/Practice English with MOVIES)
Studying English can be a bit boring sometimes, so why not add some fun into your learning! This short video will introduce you to a segment…
Beginner 30 - What have you done? (Follow Me)
Follow Me! was a series of television programmes produced by the BBC in the late 1970s to provide a crash course in the English language. It…
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