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Some basic survival English for travelling (autoenglish)

Some useful expressions for travelling abroad and communitating in English. Including some practice.

This video helps you prepare for a trip where you need English.

We'll learn important expressions about money, shopping, health, restaurants, communication and taxis.

Listen and repeat.

-- MONEY --

How much?
Too expensive!
Is there an ATM near here?


Can I have a receipt, please?
This isn't the right change.
I want to see the manager.

-- HEALTH --

Is there a pharmacy near here?
I don't feel well.
I need a doctor.

___ PRACTICE ___



Can I pay by credit card?
I didn't order this.
The bill, please.


Excuse me. The tourist information office?
Is there an Internet café near here?
Can I borrow a mobile phone charger?

-- TAXIS --

Is the taximeter on?
How much to the airport?
Can you collect me tomorrow morning?

___ PRACTICE ___


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