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Pokemon Go - Song (Misha)
It is a song composed by a kid called Black. It is very funny, I hoppe yuo will enjoy it :)
Every breath you take -karaoke (The Police)
An easy song to shine like a star on stage with this karaoke video. Watch the original song here if you need preparation: EVERY BREATH YOU…
Your Face Sounds Familiar (a cover of Jessie J's song) (Lorena Gómez)
It´s a great performance of Lorena Gómez imitating Jessi J in the TV program ``Your Face Sounds Familiar´´(Tu Cara Me Suena).
Closer (Lyric) (The Chainsmokers)
"Closer" is a song by American DJ duo The Chainsmokers, featuring American singer Halsey. Andrew Taggart (one half of The Chainsmokers) also provides his vocals in…
English Listening For The Toeic Test - Actual Test 01 (Fuken)
Fuken - English Listening For The Toeic Test - The Toeic Listening - Actual Test 01. Link: The TOEIC(R) exam The Evaluation of English for…
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