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Yours? Mine - Whose bike is this? | Song & Story (English Singsing)
01_Dialogue : Whose bike is this? - Mike, is this your bike? 02_Song : Where is my bag? - Is this your bag? 03_Rap : Is…
Time - What time is it? | Song & Story (English Singsing)
01_Dialogue : What time is it? - Time for bed. 02_Dialogue : What time is it? - We're late. Let's hurry! 03_Song : What time is…
Can - Can you swim? | Song & Story (English Singsing)
Can you swim? 01_Dialogue : Can you swim? - Yes, I can. 02_Song : Can you skate? - Yes, I can. 03_Rap : Can you dance?…
Basic English Conversation For Children 3 (English Kids TV)
In this video you can learn vocabulary, improve your comprehension and practice basic conversations.
Good morning+More Kids Dialogues | Learn English for Kids (English Singsing)
Let's enjoy the English dialogue video and practice the role-play with friends.
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Total videos: 100
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