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The History of the Holidays: History of Easter (The History Channel)
History Channel explains the history of Easter: origins, meaning and some of the religious and pagan traditions today associated with it.
Easter: History and Culture
This is a 9-minute video which explains what Easter week is and what do Christians celebrate.
Meet Logan, the Sky Angel cowboy
While theologians try to understand the mysteries of heaven and Earth, a little child from a ranch was able to understand it all in the most simple way when he had to kill his dear injured cow because it broke its back. Another proof that simple experiences are greater and far more mind-blowing than long and deep intellectual reasoning. Listen to the original radio conversation here.There is also a listening activity for this video. Go to the ACTIVITY tab below here and see the questions.
Palm Sunday - short movie -
An award-winning short movie from 2014. Brothers Julio and Marvin become restless during the reading of the Passion, and begin playfully slapping one another with palms they received upon their visit to church. Unsurprisingly, their mother is not amused with their behavior. After a brief scolding, the two simmer down only for a moment before they agree to a wager with one another: who can shout "crucify him" the loudest. Once arranged, the younger of the brothers gets overwhelmed by the experience.
Jesus Tested (Jesus, The Movie)
The temptation of Jesus by by the Devil in the wilderness of Judea, a powerful scene from the film "Jesus, the Movie", 1999.
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