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How to Treat a Choking Baby - First Aid Training (Faculty of Nursing Minia)
Being able to tend quickly to a baby that is choking could potentially be the difference between life and death. Find out how to treat a choking baby: St John Ambulance trainer shows you how to treat a choking baby. If a baby is unable to cry, cough or breathe, you will need to follow these steps to help them. This video will take you through the three first aid steps for a choking baby. Using these essential first aid skills could be life saving.Learn more life saving skills with St John Ambulance first aid kit training courses: more information follow us on Twitter or Facebook
Break the habit
A commercial made to raise awareness in a current social epidemic and to draw attention to those whom the author believe are most responsible in a bid to drive discussion and action to reverse the downward trend.Anti-obesity campaign
The hospital 1/3
Can art heal the sick? A nurse encourages a patient to start drawing again. A mini webseries in 3 parts: PART 1 PART 2 PART 3  
Blood transfusion
This 3D animation on blood transfusion describes the anatomy and physiology of the cellular components of the blood. A cross-section of a femur reveals bone marrow, the tissue where the blood cells are produced. Also depicted is the blood transfusion procedure beginning with the IV placement, and ending with the monitoring of vital signs.
Dear 16-year-old Me
Young people are not usually aware of the problems they may have when they grow older but what you do when you're 16 may have a great impact on what you may many or just a few years later. This is an awareness campaign to prevent skin cancer which has rapidly grown to be one of the most common cancer causes due to modern tanning fashion...  It is the second most common cancer in children and teenagers and one of the most common in young adults, and it can be deadly. But the good news is that you can still do something to prevent it. Watch this video and see how it goes.
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