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Google Translate App 2: Real Time Conversations (CNET)
The new update for Google Translate App (Jan 2014) can now translate voice conversations in two languages in real time, from or to English. The result, though not perfect, is quite impressive and serviceable, but you can check it for yourself: download "Google Translate" app from your mobile phone and check it out. Also useful to help you improve your pronunciation by getting instant feedback on what you're saying. But this App also includes translation of text, voice, and images! See it on this other video.
Google Translate App 1: real time voice & image translation (Wall Street Journal)
If you're travelling abroad, or facing a language barrier, the Google Translate app can help a lot. Not perfect, but good enough to get you there. Perfect also for students of English who need to improve their pronunciation getting instant feedback (if GT can't understand you, chances are a native won't either). Google Translate app for smartphones comes with a real time conversation mode (as you can see in this other video), but it now also includes Word Lens, a visual translator that lets you translate text and signs directly through your phone viewer. Just click on the photo mode (camera icon), point your phone at the text and the image will change from one language to another before your very eyes. But enough about it, download the new "Google Translate" app on your phone (or update it) and see it for yourself.
How to Kiss Your Lover's Neck | Kissing Tutorial
Kissing your lover's neck is probably the most sensual kind of kissing. Learn how to do it the right way and avoid "hickeys" and "sloppy joes".
How to Treat a Choking Baby - First Aid Training (Faculty of Nursing Minia)
Being able to tend quickly to a baby that is choking could potentially be the difference between life and death. Find out how to treat a choking baby: St John Ambulance trainer shows you how to treat a choking baby. If a baby is unable to cry, cough or breathe, you will need to follow these steps to help them. This video will take you through the three first aid steps for a choking baby. Using these essential first aid skills could be life saving.Learn more life saving skills with St John Ambulance first aid kit training courses: more information follow us on Twitter or Facebook
English Job Interviews (A.J. Hoge)
English job interviews can be very stressful. You job, your income and your career may depend on successful English job interviews. How must you practice and prepare for interviews in order to get the jobs you want?
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