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How to remember English vocabulary (EngFluent)
Learn a technique for remembering English vocabulary easily.
Dictogloss Dictation (Macmillan Education ELT)
Dictogloss, also called Grammar Dictation, is an excellent activity for the classroom, a new technique which is getting more and more supporters. It has many advantages: it integrates the four language skills, it is suitable for all levels, it is a useful way of presenting new information to the students (vocabulary and grammar) and encourages them to listen for key points. Finally, they give support to less confident students, as they are encouraged to participate in their groups as part of the structure of the activity. Here's a variation: A VIDEO DEMONSTRATION  
Why English Stories (A.J. Hoge)
This self-promotional video is giving us some important information about a good way to learn English: Reading or listening to stories. Why are stories so powerful and why do we use stories to teach you English? In this video we discuss why stories are much more powerful than textbooks.
Babies Learn English Best (A.J. Hoge)
Learn English in the natural order that babies use. Babies first learn by listening for many months. They listen first. Only after many months do they begin speaking.
Things To Avoid When Learning a Foreign Language (DNews)
When learning a second language, don't think about home; don't even think about your friends or family. Trace explains why. if you are  teacher, the ideas explained on this video may have an impact on your use of visual aids and culture decoration in your classroom.
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