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Bailando -Spanglish version- (Enrique Iglesias)
"Bailando" (English: "Dancing") is a song by Spanish singer-songwriter Enrique Iglesias for his tenth studio album Sex and Love (2014). The Spanish version features the Cuban group Gente de Zona and Cuban singer Descemer Bueno, while the Spanglish version also features Jamaican singer Sean Paul. So in this version we can hear English, Spanish, Spanglish (a mixture of both languages in the same sentence) and also English creole language, which is a variety of English impossible to understand for standard speakers, so don't panic if you can't understand the beginning of the song. The video was shot in the Dominican Republic and features a Cuban ballet dancing Spanish flamenco, so as you can see, everything here is quite a mixture! The original Spanish version is, in my opinion, even better, though maybe you won't understand anything. Watch it here. This is another video with the Spanish version but showing the lyrics in English and Spanish, so you can still understand (there are some mistakes in English but still alright). Click here to watch.
She bangs (Ricky Martin)
Here's hurricane Ricky at his wildest. Enrique Martín Morales, better known by his stage name Ricky Martin, is one of the first singers who brought Latin rhythm to the world charts and, after sweeping over Spanish and South-American markets, he opened the international doors to many other Spanish-speaking singers, especially in the USA. His slight Spanish accents is a plus to his charms. If you're curious about the original version, listen to the Spanish video.  You can also watch the karaoke version here.
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