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Don't Go (Yazoo)
A hit from 1982. Electronic music did well in the UK in the early '80s, but in America it was mostly appreciated in the club scene, and this song went to #1 on the US dance charts while being ignored by radio stations.
Rockabye (Clean Bandit)
A dancehall song about all the struggling single mothers in the world. Featuring Jamaican dancehall singer Sean Paul and British singer Anne-Marie. The black singer sings in Creole English, so grammar and pronunciation differs quite remarkably from standard English and makes it difficult to understand.
Shape of You (Ed Sheeran)
A great hit by Ed Sheeran. It peaked at number-one on the singles charts of 30 different countries, including the US Billboard Hot 100, as well as the UK, Australian and Canadian singles charts. It stayed at number one for 14 non-consecutive weeks on the UK Singles Chart,and 12 non-consecutive weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.
Pen Pineapple Apple Pen - PPAP (Pikotaro)
A weird song gone viral to say farewell to 2016. And this is my favourite cover: Pen Pineapple twin sisters cover.
Fireflies (Sign Language Poetry)
This guy turns sign language into motion poetry when translating Fireflies for the hearing impaired.
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